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Dark Old Sun is a shoot'em up, with focus on choice and progressiveness, so you can choose between a wide selection of weapons, and upgrade them becoming way more powerfull as you play.

Epic boss battles with enormous focus in challenge and variety, making boss fights a real deal, and almost as important as the level itself.

This game have FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT from the get go.

As for now, the game is in development, this page talks about the DEMO version, with 2 levels and most of weapons unlocked (but not all).

  • 10 Different weapons (Primaries, Secondaries and drones).
  • 3 Defensive abilities.
  • 47 Upgrades.
  • Hard mode that really changes the game, the enemies get new abilities.
  • 2 totally different levels.
  • A total of 13 different type of enemies and 2 bosses.
  • 360 degrees aim
  • Full Controller Support (XInput)

If you can i will be really grateful if you take the time to answer this questions in the quiz, this will help alot!!!

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Questinário em Português


This game is made by: SN!Somos Nerds

You can contact us:




Email: contato@somosnerds.com.br


Windows version 32 Bits
Windows version 64 Bits
Linux version 32/64 Bits
MAC OS version 32/64 Bits

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